Annual Reports

Mercy Education Limited - 2012 Annual Report

Reflecting on the year just completed has underlined again for me the multiple challenges faced by Mercy Education in 2012 as well the willingness and efficiency of all involved in meeting those challenges to ensure that Mercy Education continues to be a viable, relevant and vibrant entity.

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Mercy Education Limited - 2011/12 Annual Report

2012 has seen a significant change in the role and administration of Mercy Education. Until November of last year, Mercy Education was known as MSEI and conducted its business under State Legislation. However, the Mercy Sisters requested the Board undertake Governance responsibilities beyond Victoria, once the amalgamation across Australia and PNG had taken place.

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Mercy Secondary Education Inc - 2011 Annual Report

In keeping with recent tradition I will attempt to capture the past twelve month’s activities of the MSEI Board, under the headings as outlined in our current Strategic Plan.

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Mercy Secondary Education Inc - 2010 Annual Report

The preparation of this, my fifth Annual Chair’s report for Mercy Secondary Education Inc, has given me the opportunity to reflect on my nine years as a member of the MSEI Board. It has been for me a time of many blessings and I am very grateful for the opportunities I have been given to be part of the Mercy world, and of a vibrant and faith-filled educational enterprise.

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