Catholic College Wodonga Wodonga, Victoria

Catholic Education began in Wodonga on 4 October 1860 when Bishop Goold dedicated a chapel to St Francis. To this chapel was attached a wooden school building.

The story of St Augustine’s and Catholic College began in 1876 with a co-educational school built on the corner of High Street and Osburn Street. Dean Tierney of Beechworth and Father M. O’Connor of Chiltern were responsible for erecting and maintaining this school until 1892.

In 1892, four Sisters of Mercy from Albury were invited to make a foundation at Wodonga, and thus began St. Augustine’s School. By 1899 they had completed the new school buildings and Mother M. Aloysius Tierney and the three Sisters moved from temporary classrooms. At this stage, St. Augustine’s was catering for primary, secondary and commercial classes. Meanwhile a Boarding School was established at the convent to provide for girls from outlying areas.

In the 1970s Albury-Wodonga was declared the National Growth Centre. The expansion in numbers at St Augustine’s Girls Secondary College led to its relocation to Wodonga West in 1979 under the direction of Sister Mary Duffy. The name changed to Catholic College Wodonga.

Today, the College shares two campuses in Bowman Court with 1170 students across Years 7 – 12. One of the colleges strength is the focus on establishing strong, long term rapport with the whole school community. Families often mention the attention to pastoral care and wellbeing and how that leads to a fantastic sense of belonging, involvement and endeavour in their children.

While there are a lot of contributing factors to the Colleges reputation, Learning Mentors are key. They each guide 13 students through their school journey and encourage them to be part of their wider ‘family of Community’ that supports 195 students. Overall, there are six Communities that effectively create small ‘schools’ within the big school.

The College explores faith and engages in action within this rich learning environment.
Year 7 and 8 students experience an integrated curriculum where enquiry based learning sees the development of key skills. In Year 9 students move across the court to the smaller campus, Nganala, where a bridge is constructed between middle and senior school through personal and project based learning.

Students return to the main campus for Year 10-12 to study discipline based subjects with an emphasis on personalised programs. There is a pathway for each student (VCE or VCAL) and they may choose to access any of 10 VET programs. Importantly, there is capacity to reconstruct a pathway and take new routes.

The College is grateful to the men and women of Wodonga who had the vision and determination to create and nurture this wonderful school for young people of the region and continue to thrive with the Mercy charism providing a solid base from which to grow.

Mr Darren Hovey Mr Darren Hovey was appointed Principal of Catholic College Wodonga in 2014

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