St Aloysius College Adelaide, South Australia

St Aloysius College is a Catholic school for girls established within the culture of the Catholic Church, and shaped by the tradition of Mercy. When the Sisters of Mercy established St Aloysius College in 1880, it was based on the theological values of Mercy enunciated by Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Sisters of Mercy.

St Aloysius College was set up in Adelaide to educate women to realise their own potential and to contribute more fully to the wider community. SAC today is continuing to maintain its link with the past and re-interpreting its vision for the future.

As a Mercy school, St Aloysius College embraces the challenge to empower young women to play a vital part in the world of the future. The Mercy Mission demands a particular commitment to the life of Jesus Christ with a call to proclaim, to liberate and to heal.

Ms Paddy McEvoy

53 Wakefield Street,
South Australia, 5000