Mr Eugene Lynch

Executive Officer and Company Secretary

Eugene’s early background was in industrial chemistry before moving into education some twenty three years ago. He taught for twelve years in Catholic secondary schools across the State, and held senior positions at Mount Lilydale Mercy College and St Joseph’s College, Mildura.

Eugene was appointed Executive Officer of Mercy Secondary Education Council in January 1997 before it became the incorporated body, Mercy Secondary Education Inc in October that year. While he has continued in this position since its inception, the growth of MSEI over that time has been considerable and to meet the expanding demands of the Association, he has completed a Master of Management and Graduate Certificate in Education Law to help service the work of the Board.

Eugene is passionate about his work and considers it a privilege to work so closely with the Institute Leaders of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea and the Board. He very much enjoys the opportunity to work with Principals, Deputy Principals, Business Managers and various committees across the rich network of Mercy colleges.